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How do I make a booking?


Booking an on-demand cleaning services is very easy:

  1. Start by entering your postcode
  2. Give us a few details about your home and time you would like our trusted Batmaid professionals to show up (the system shows you the real-time availability of the Batmaids in your area)
  3. Complete your address and pay online. Batmaid will take care of your payment securely

A confirmation will be sent to you and your house will be cleaned according to your needs.

To start your booking, click here

How many hours should I book?


The number of hours is recommended to you automatically according to the number of rooms you select. However, you are always free to add or remove cleaning hours. In case you select fewer hours than we recommend, we may not be able to finish the job completely.

How do I book the time and date I want?


Booking a convenient cleaning time for you has never been so easy. First you'll need to select the number of rooms, extras and frequency and then check all availabilities. Pick the date and timeslots you want. Not all timeslots will available because the system displays the live availabilities of the Batmaids in your area. This will depend on supply & demand in your area. 

You will still be able to change the date and time of your booking once it has been confirmed.

How does the pricing work?


Prices displayed are for one cleaning and are based on a number of hours – minimum 2 hours – multiplied by the hourly price.

Regularly scheduled cleanings such as “Weekly” or “Every Two Weeks” are offered at a discount versus “Once” cleanings. The demand may be higher for “Once” cleanings so price is adjusted depending on supply & demand. If you want to benefit from the best prices, Batmaid encourages you to book a cleaning with a regular frequency.

Your price includes everything from the cleaning service to the payment of social insurances and declaration service. To check more precisely what is included in the price you pay, check the About Section.

Why do Extra options have an impact on pricing?


You can select extra such as washing inside fridge or window cleaning, laundry wash and dry, but these actions add additional time to your booking duration. The exact duration that will be added by each Extra is written below each of them.

Do I need to stay at home for my booking?


No, you do not need to stay at home while your trusted professional is cleaning. But it's always a plus to be present during the first cleaning to show your Batmaid around!

Feel free to be at home when your Batmaid professional cleaner is coming or doing the job. You select the way your trusted cleaners will get the key by mentioning this at the end of your booking process.

To learn more about how your trusted Batmaid professional will get the key, enter Key in the search bar of this help section.

How will my trusted Batmaid cleaner will get the key?


We would like to remind you that before making the payment, you can select an option and make comments on how your Batmaid will collect your keys.

You can stay at home, hide the keys in a safe place for your Batmaid or even leave them with your concierge or porter. 

Our service does not include concierge services, so we recommend that you do not leave your keys with your Batmaid, even if this is quite possible and some of our customers do.

In that case, this would be between you and her/him directly: please note that we will not manage any transfer or problem regarding your keys. 

However, please do not hesitate to ask us for your Batmaid's contact details if necessary so that you can contact her/him if necessary.


Can I give special instructions?


Yes, you can give your Batmaid special instructions and customize your cleaning any way you want. During the booking process, you can enter your special requests. You can also edit your special instructions after your booking is confirmed. Feel free to contact us to help us accommodate and tailor your cleaning exactly the way you want.

How do I edit a booking?


You can edit a booking by logging in and accessing your personal space under "My cleanings" then "More". From there you can edit your upcoming cleanings. Be careful, some modifications are not possible yet for the customers in Luxembourg.

Be careful, a change of schedule can make you lose your preferred Batmaid temporarily. If available your preferred Batmaid will be automatically allocated by the algorithm by default.

The Team will assist you in any case so please do not hesitate to contact us.

What happens after I made a booking?


Once payment is made and confirmed, we will send you an email stating your booking is confirmed and your trusted cleaner will show up on time and do the cleaning according to your specifications. In other words, you can relax and enjoy your free time.

The whole Team will assist you in any case so please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I reschedule a booking?


Rescheduling a booking is easy. Go to your My Bookings page and edit your date and time then confirm. Please note that picking another time slot may change your selected Batmaid cleaner as he or she may not be available. Be aware that some modifications are not possible yet for the customers in Luxembourg.

You need to log in to reach your ''My cleanings'' page. If you are not logged in, click on the log in button on the bar above. 

How do I cancel a booking?


You can cancel your booking at least 48 hours before the cleaning execution. Just log in and go to your ''My cleanings'' page. From the upcoming cleanings section, click on the ''More'' tab of the cleaning you would like to cancel, then click ''Skip cleanings''.

If you want to cancel your whole regularly scheduled cleaning contract, please contact us.

You can still cancel a cleaning in less than 48 hours but a cancellation fee will be applied. For more details please check our cancellation conditions.

How do I request a previously booked Batmaid cleaner?


You can select one of your previous cleaners during the booking process if you have already booked a once cleaning. Otherwise, if you have an recurring cleaning booked, haed to the "Upcoming Cleanings" section of your account profile to edit your bookings.

As a new user, you cannot select a specific cleaner. It is the role of the Batmaid platform to find you a trusted cleaning professional available to your doorstep – you will be free to keep your maid or change them after your first cleaning, but we will make sure your first cleaner is your best match.

How do I rate my cleaning experience?


You will systematically receive an email prompting you to leave a review of the service after each cleaning.

This helps our Team to improve the high standard of quality Batmaid wants to implement.

This internal rating will be taken into account by the algorithm for the promotions of the cleaning agents and will remain anonymous.

Why can’t I log in?


You cannot log in if you have never booked a cleanup with Batmaid so far. After your first booking, we will have enough data to set up your member profile and display your upcoming cleanings that you can edit very easily after booking.

Can I change the number of hours I booked?


Yes, you can. Head to the ''My cleanings'' section of your account profile and look for your upcoming cleanings. From there, click on the ''More'' dropdown menu and select ''Request change''.

Please keep in mind that if you decrease your recommended cleaning duration your cleaner might not have enough time to finish the cleaning – in this case, you can still give special instructions and give your trusted cleaners your priorities. If you increase the number of hours after a booking, your selected Batmaid professional may not be available anymore, in which case we will find another one according to your criteria.  

How do I change the extra on my booking?


Head to the ''My cleanings'' section of your account, from there find the booking you would like to edit, click on the ''More'' dropdown menu and select ''Request change''.

Please note that changes to the extras you select will have an impact on the duration of your cleaning and might involve changes to your Batmaid depending on their availabilities.

Can I change the address of my booking? 


Once a booking has been made for one address in particular, you will unfortunately be unable to edit said address as there is a strong chance that we would have to allocate a different Batmaid, based on location. What you can do however is cancel the cleaning free of charge, provided you do so at least 48h before the cleaning is set to take place, and book a new cleaning with the correct address. 

It is entirely possible to book cleanings at multiple addresses from the same account.

How do I change the frequency of my regularly scheduled cleanings?


Log in to your account, head to the ''My cleanings'' section, find your upcoming cleanings, click the drop down ''More'' menu and select ''Request changes''.

Can I book cleanings for multiple addresses?


Yes, you can. Our system allows you to book recurring or one-time cleanings at multiple addresses. All the addresses you use will be saved on your account so you just have to pick the one you want for each new booking. 

How soon can I book?


At the moment, you can book a cleaning 48 hours in advance. We are developing a Batmaid Flash Service that will allow you to book 12 hours in advance – we will keep you informed once the service is ready. In the meantime, if you need a cleaning on short notice, do not hesitate to contact us on the phone.

What about if I am not satisfied with a cleaning?


We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you are unhappy with a cleaning for any reason, and can provide photo evidence of exactly what happened, you can contact our customer service within 24hours and they will find a solution. 

Who is the employer of the trusted cleaners?


ONET Luxembourg is the employer. The Batmaid Team selects the best cleaners amongst ONET's employees. The platform just facilitates the selection of a relevant trusted cleaner available at your doorstep.

Batmaid’s goal is to make your life easier!

Can Batmaid clean my Chalet in Switzerland?


Yes, our experienced cleaners are active in chalet cleaning if you are based in Gstaad, Verbier, Crans-Montana or Davos. Always better to extend a ski session rather than do the cleaning, right?

Due to a very high demand in these areas, you might not find the availability you are looking for or even might face no availability at all. Our HR team are constantly recruiting new Batmaids in an ongoing effort to improve coverage within these areas. 

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How forward can I book?


You can book a maximum of 28 days ahead of time. Of course, if you book a recurring cleaning, the platform will automatically generate your new cleanings, which will be visible in your account under ''My cleanings''.

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