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My Account

How do I log in?


Once you have created your account with us, simply click on the ''Login'' button in the top right corner of the batmaid.ch homepage.

What is included in My Account?


Your Account has 3 pages:  ''My Cleanings'', ''Profile'' and ''Options''.

The ''My Cleanings'' page is split into two sections, ''previous'' and ''upcoming'' cleanings. On the ''previous'' cleaning page you can rate previous cleanings, see details and download invoices. In the ''upcoming'' cleaning section you can see all future cleanings that have been planned and make any changes you need using the ''more'' dropdown menu.

You can edit your personal information, addresses and payment details in your ''profile section''. This is also where you will find your sponsor link.

"Options" enables you to manage certain preferences, notably with regard to your email notifications.

Where can I see my upcoming and previous bookings?


Go to your account and to your "My cleanings" page, then select "upcoming" or "previous Bookings" using the allocated buttons just below the "my cleanings" tab.

How do I change my credit card information?


Go to the ''profile'' section of your account, scroll down and from there you can either edit a current card or add a new one. 

Where can I see my Batmaid credits (Batcoin)?


You can check your balance of Batcoin, that will be used to pay for your next cleanings.

Your balance can be positive if you credited your account via the Sponsorship program, "Give CHF20 , Get CHF20" or Gift Cards.

​Please note that your balance is zero in case of a recurrence because it is automatically allocated as a payment means to your upcoming cleanings.

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