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Trust & Security

How are Batmaid professional cleaners selected?


Batmaid takes selection very seriously and has the most demanding selection criteria in the home cleaning field. The selection process starts with a legal and administrative interview where documents such as work permit and virgin police record are thoroughly checked. Then we carry out reference checks and quality tests are implemented during the interview. Our Batmaid Team has been trained by Swiss Palace maids managers to recognize the highest standards cleaners. Eventually, we tend to retain less than 5% of the candidates.

We have developed our own Batmaid quality label and wrote a book about home cleaning quality and customer experience. We will let you know soon about the release.

How to define a Batmaid?


We call "Batmaid" all cleaning professionals  looking for an employer through our platform. All Batmaids went through a demanding selection process in order to be authorized to show their availabilities on the platform. Thanks to our Trust Service, you will be able to quickly declare and insure your cleaning employee with no work on your side.

The Batmaids are not working for our Company but become your cleaning employee once you booked online. 

What should I do if something is damaged?

If you believe your Batmaid cleaner might have broken or damaged anything, please contact us.

The Batmaid cleaners bear all responsibilities and legal consequences related to their work but if you think some items are more fragile than others, please do indicate it to your cleaning employee or in the Special Instructions field.

How will my payment be handled securely?


The Batmaid Team has put a secured payment system for your transactions. You won’t be charged by mistake and  you will only pay the amount displayed online for each cleaning. 

To know more about the price breakdown or when your account will be debited go to the Payment section.

How can I trust my cleaning agent to do a good job?


All Batmaid cleaners are carefully tested during the interview process and we only keep the best ones. Cleaning skills and tricks are tested by our Team that has been trained to recognize the highest quality standards by Swiss Palace maid managers.

All Batmaid housekeepers are tested the same way so you have no risk to experience a change in quality if you pick another Batmaid professional.

To know more about the selection process watch our video. The book we wrote about cleaning also explains our high quality label.

Are Batmaid cleaning maids insured ?



Yes, they are. ONET Luxembourg being the employer of the maids.

All insurances are included in the price you pay online!

No paperwork on your side anymore! 

Do I have a choice between male housekeepers and female maids ?


Our cleaning agents are selected using severe legal, administrative and quality checks so male or female workers are bound to do the same cleaning quality. But if, for personal reasons, you would like a particular worker to do the job you can still tailor your booking by contacting us.

Are Batmaid cleaners background checked ?


As mentioned in “How are Batmaid cleaners selected?”, all Batmaid candidates are thoroughly checked from a legal, administrative and qualitative criteria. Third party reference checks are also implemented to have a 360 degree feedback on your future employee.

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