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Batmaid is recruiting!

We are revolutionizing the entire industry of home and office services. We work hard while having fun. Come and join us on this unique journey!

Apply now on dominik@batmaid.com


Positions in Lausanne: 

- Customer Support Junior Manager – fluent in German

- Customer Support intern – fluent in French or German

HR intern – fluent in French


Positions in Zürich:

HR intern – fluent in German


Positions in Warsaw:

- 1 Senior PHP Backend developer 

- 1 Senior Frontend developer

- 1 React Native developer

- 1 Senior Software Tester 

Do you have offers for software outsourcing or recruitment partnerships? Thank you but unfortunately we are not interested.


Haven’t found your dream job yet?

Batmaid is relentlessly looking for amazing talents. If you believe in our following values, we would be eager to hear why you would be a great fit for Batmaid.

Spontaneous application on dominik@batmaid.com


Batmaid Values

1. Master the Rules, break them, repeat

To give the best of yourself, you first have to understand how it works. This is the basis from which you can afford disrupting things around you.

2. Turn your Difference into a Vanguard

Our differences are a weapon to compete. Bring them forward. Take off your mask. Show us what your real human being composed of flesh is capable of.

3. Vision without Action is a Daydream

In business, ideas are nothing without a proper execution. Execution enables you to learn by doing.

4. Journey is its own Reward

You need to fully focus on now in order to achieve your goals. The power of now is unlimited. The more you do good, right now – whatever you do – the higher your achievement.

5. Think big, get big

Top-bottom. What’s your wildest dreams? Shoot for the moon, you will land amongst the stars!

6. Make the Most of Yourself

You do have certain qualities. Use the greatest ones to the fullest to make yourself valuable!

7. Work as hard as You can

Nothing is possible without hard work. We cannot stress it more… Surpass yourself, surpass yourself, surpass yourself. You will surprise yourself!

8. You're dead, without Deadline

We are a Team and are all heavily dependent on each other’s work. So if you are late, I am late and we are dead.

9. Tackle Issues, go deep into Details, endlessly

Professionalism = digging. Look for an answer by yourself. The solution often comes naturally by meeting the devil in the details.

10. Never give up, learn from Failures, go into Action

If it was that easy: A/ it won’t be fun B/ a lot of people will be sitting at your place. So, stick to your guns! Stand up and fight! You won’t make the same mistakes twice, it’s guaranteed.