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About Batmaid

Batmaid is the first on-demand home cleaning platform in Luxembourg.

Batmaid saves you time in the selection and paperwork related to your cleaner, by managing all insurances and payroll.

The user-friendly platform enables a quick & easy booking for just once or with a frequency. By default, the same preferred Batmaid will show up. In case they are absent, you would have the choice between skipping your cleaning or asking for another Batmaid to replace them.

Find your trusted cleaning maid available at your doorstep in a few clicks! No paperwork anymore! Your cleaner is automatically declared and insured on your behalf!

Watch the Batmaid video by clicking here to understand how it works in a few seconds!


making the bed

Our mission

For a cleaner future

We founded Batmaid with a clear mission in mind: to bring more justice to the cleaning world, by making the fight against undeclared work our priority.

For too long, home cleaners have lacked recognition for their hard work and have suffered from the precarious working conditions of undeclared workers.

Today, after 4 years of existence, more than 2000 insured and declared cleaning agents provide a 5-star service to our customers on a daily basis. It's very important for us to keep people at the centre of our activities, and that's why we leave nothing to chance: customers and agents benefit from the proactive support of our team at all times. We guarantee them quality, reliability and safety.

The black labour market has always aroused feelings of fear and contempt for a large part of the population. We are stepping in at this time to give back what has been missing in this profession, namely: trust, transparency, active listening, respectful behavior, and team spirit.

Let’s turn our dream of a cleaner world into a reality.


Why "Batmaid"

As cleaning jobs are precarious, hard and undervalued, we wanted to put these people who do a fantastic job every day under the spotlight.

That's why the name Batmaid suits well all our cleaning heroes! Like Batman, our Batmaids show strength, charisma and a passion to perform.


About your Batmaids...

How are Batmaid professionals selected?

Our candidates are subject to a very strict selection process, applied very rigorously - we only retain 3% of them :

- An online preliminary application where candidates must answer a series of questions

- Two series of interviews where Batmaid checks all the candidate's papers, then tests each candidate on their skills according to our quality label

- Successful candidates become "Batmaids" - a unique class of cleaning agents - and are granted access to the platform. They indicate their availability and the areas where they would be happy to work. They then wait for a household to hire them.

To find out what is in a cleaning done by your Batmaid, click here


Winows cleaning Batmaid

Our team


At Batmaid, more than 50 employees work every day for the same purpose.

Above all, it is as many different points of view, backgrounds and experiences as it is of team members. Our values consist of kindness, integrity, curiosity and respect.

Batmaid is a close-knit family in which no one is afraid to say what they think without being judged. 


Each day at Batmaid brings its share of challenges and many opportunities to learn.


Batmaid Team